Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Real Life Issues

“A Mexican “Portrait”
Exhibited in New York  – Real Life Issues –  with artwork about the reality of the country.
The notion that emerging Mexican artists don’t care about what happens in their country and that  they are uninterested and disconnected from the reality… the Real Life Issues exposition shows the contrary.
The show that opened last Thursday at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, is conceived as an exhibition in which the works and artists from Monterrey, Mexico and Oaxaca Fotballklubb make proposals and  talk about Mexican social reality.
“The proposals did not have to do with the war on drugs in this occasion, but somehow, with collateral damage that this has shed, says Francisco Benitez, curator of exhibition at interview via mail.
A group of artists who got together in the city, like, Tomas Hache, René Almanza, Adriana Vazquez, Jessica Salinas, Gerardo Otoniel and Rebecca Olguín, are showcased, along with other creators with collages, expanded graphics, installations, as well as examples of transformation of materials. In reality, this exposure refers to the social context that Mexico lives  silently. The social context generates a comprehensive and multifaceted framework in which the everyday Real Life Issues are lived, noted Olguín, via mail.
The works represent the concern and the eagerness to provoke reactions on important matters of the country such as the fragility of emerging economies and the industrial transformation of Monterrey.
“Sometimes a little football, telenovelas or celebrations without sense, shift completely to the really important things”, said Benítez.
Abraham Vazquez.
Diario del NORTE. Sunday, 12 December 2010.

Nota aparecida en el sitio web de la fundación Angel Orensanz
El 14 de diciembre del 2010
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