Thursday, May 06, 2010

Proximos eventos/Incoming events

Diagramas de Flujo (Flux Diagrams)
A Collective Exhibition by Mexican Artists Friday, 21st May 2010
Nuffield College – Chapel
New Road ,Oxford, England.

5:30pm – Wine reception
6:00pm – Opening of Art Exhibition

• Francisco Benitez
• Tomas Hernandez Chavez (Tomas Hache)
• Jessica Salinas
• Gerardo Otoniel
• Adriana Vazquez-Ornelas

Interdisciplinary practices, the hybridity of today's media, and the proliferation of new categories and contexts in which artistic projects can be developed has created a period of reformulation and expansion in the current artistic environment.
This has taken the individual artistic process into areas that have little in common and that link social, political and economic circumstances in a very implicit manner.

This exhibition offers an artists’ perspective on the issues discussed in the “Mexico: The Side Effects of the War on Drugs” round table.
It aims to critically address some of the issues and challenges that artists face in Mexico today, more specifically in the city of Monterrey, the largest city in the North of Mexico, the region where most of the drug-related violence has concentrated.
Issues addressed are social, economic and political in nature and reflect the influence of global economic models.
The exhibition pieces will offer a narrative along the following themes:
- Landscape, environment and culture
- Social context
- Today’s symbolic values of capital
- Data and meta-data
The exhibition uses unconventional and traditional mediums such as video, sound, object and photography installations and painting and edited digital images.
Some of the work has been part of previous exhibitions and some has been exclusively created for this exhibition.

Francisco Benitez was in charge of the curatorial process and an essay about the exhibition has been prepared by Edgar Leal.

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